NEAL innovation is a small item with a huge impact.  A walking cane tip aims to help your loved ones or your active self regain the freedom of mobility with greater support, comfort and safety. Small is beautiful.

Who is NEAL for?

  • Individuals who need greater BALANCE and SUPPORT by moving with more confidence and comfort.
  • Patients who are RECOVERING from physical therapy, putting less pressure on an injury to speed up full recovery.
  • Hikers/Trekkers* requiring ACTIVE balance across various terrain, helping absorb the shock impact and easing the pressure from the knee, hand, and wrist.

*requires Neal Adaptor

What’s the problem?

The walking cane is a simple yet timeless tool. Nothing has changed beyond simple material upgrades. The tip remains a hard piece of rubber.

“A hard rubber tip has no cushioning, causing discomfort to the hand and wrist. It would be like riding on wagon wheels rather than a tyre. You’ll arrive at your destination, but feel worse off.”

Furthermore, an old-style rubber tip is worn down over time, creating uneven or cracked surfaces, which can also be a safety concern, putting the user at risk of slippage.

Step into Confidence with comfort

NEAL comes with cushioning to ensure comfort for your hand/wrist. Our spherical design provides maximum impact absorption and comfort on any terrain.

See the difference

Step into Confidence with control

Rubber material is coupled with ANTI-SLIP properties and a studded design to provide a high tensile grip on wet or smooth surfaces.

Step into Confidence with protection

The tip is covered with Antimicrobial Novaron® to prevent bacterial growth.

Step into Confidence with durability

Durable rubber with wide surface contact ensures long-lasting even with heavy usage

Step into Confidence with style

NEAL comes in multiple colours. Who said a tip can only be black?

What others are saying

“I like the cushioning softness as it gives me a sense of comfort, support and stability. I love the idea of having different colour choices for the tip design. It’s very interesting”.


“I feel more confident with the harder cushioning tip as I can put more pressure on it and it won’t give me an impression that it will break. I like the simple & modern design with 2 tone colors.”


“The tip works well for stairs usage due to its cushioning softness which gives a comfortable support.

I also like the 2 tone colors, it’s very attractive. Nice design!”.